What time does school start? First period starts at 7:45


Are exam exemptions in place this school year? Yes! The exam exemption policy is posted on the school website. Tardiness to school as well as absences will count against your ability to exempt the final exams!


What time can students be dropped off in the mornings? 7:15. We are unable to provide student monitoring before that time! When is breakfast? Breakfast starts being served at 7:15


Where do students need to be dropped off if they ride in a vehicle? Front of the building After a student is dropped off, can the parent turn to the right and exit towards Yukon? Yes, but be careful and mindful of the buses


Does the parent need to come in to sign students in when they are late? No, but students are required to sign in upon entering the building. Without a parent or medical note, the tardy will be unexcused.


What time can students be picked up in the afternoon? Students are dismissed to buses at 2:50, car riders at 2:55. Students must be picked up by 4 PM. If you are after 4 PM we recommend you register your child with the Boys and Girls Club for after school care by contacting Jan Day @ 706-276-2582 or consider having your child ride the bus home. CCMS does not offer after school care!


How do I change my student’s transportation? A handwritten note must be turned into the front office as soon as possible that is signed and turned in or an email sent to This note must also contain a guardian contact telephone number (the school will call and verify). Change in destinations will not be made after 2:30


How much are meals? Student breakfast: $1.00, $.30 reduced, Student lunch: $2.00, $.40 reduced, Adult breakfast, $1.75, Adult Lunch, $3.00. Please consider filling out a free and reduced lunch form, found on our website. Before their minds can be fed, their bellies must be!


Can you bring outside food and beverage inside the building? Absolutely! However they are not allowed down the grade level hallways or classrooms. Please discard those items before entering the academic areas. Only water down the hallways and inside classrooms- help us keep the school bug free. Also, we do not allow outside fast food lunches to be brought into the cafeteria during lunch time.


When are pictures? Oct. 4.  Retakes:  Nov. 2.


When can we start checking out library books? Starting the first day of school


Will my child have time to get in his/her locker between classes? Teachers will provide students an opportunity to go to their lockers 

Are students allowed to bring book bags to class? Yes


Are there any field trips this year? Yes. To be eligible to attend students must follow the PBIS guidlines

Are there immunizations that students need entering the 7th or 8th grade?  Yes be sure to check our website for information related to immunizations


When is the first football game?  Our first home football game is 8/27 against Rabun county


Do we encourage students to dress in spirit shirts on Fridays? Yes! And every other day! We love for students to show their Bobcat Pride!


Can my child stay after school to attend an academic, an arts or an athletic event? Due to the game times CCMS is unable to provide after school care.


Can I receive text alerts? Yes go to the CCMS homepage to find out how