Digital Days Activities & Ideas

Digital Days Activities & Ideas
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English Language Arts  
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 Social Studies  
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 Agriculture Horticulture Leaf ID
Horticulture Haiku
Horticulture Terms & Scavenger Hunt
Outdoor Nature Ring Activity


GAHA Easter Egg Drawing Contest -

 Business Ed CCMS Connections by Dawn Hensley (video)

Spent Game:  Living Paycheck to Paycheck     Click on "Continue to Spent" on right side & play it all the way through.
Technology & Engineering  
Tech-Engineering Challenge 3-26-2020  (approximately 4 min.)

Mr. Hyde has an exciting new Robotics Course to tell you about!
 Robotics Course-MHyde-4-3-20.mp4

Family and Consumer Sciences  How to Make Cheese at Home -

Eating to Prevent Disease Osteoporosis

How to Protect Yourself

Coach D workout video 

After a good workout, please remember to wash your hands.
Coach D Hand Washing video

At Home Bodyweight Workout: 3 days a week

Warm up: 

high knees 6 each

Butt kicks 6 each

quad stretches 6 each

Arm circles 20 each front/back

Straight Leg Stretch 10 seconds 

Right over Lift and Left over Right 10 Seconds

Divide the following in As few Sets As Possible

100 Push Ups (can do feet elevated) or use a deck of cards Challenge Yourself or 5 sets of 10

100 Air Squats 4 sets of 25

60 Split Squats (30 each Leg)

100 Sissy Dips, (off chair or bench, or steps)

200 Abs of choice(10 sets of 20)

½ mile – 1mile or Hill Sprints x6

Hello Everyone,

Okay we are on our second week of workouts and we will continue on the program from last week and carry through spring break. When we get back I will have a different workout. 

I hope you are working out and taking care of your body because it is not easy when no one is pushing you. Please eat your fruit, drink your milk and stay away from junk food as much as possible.

Love you guys, God bless. We will be in touch. Let me know if you need anything! 

Coach Dodaro  3/29-4/3

Superhero Workout (approximately 5 min.) Camping with the Pikes (approximately 1.5 min.)

Mathilda the math gal presents We Can Do It!
Season 1

Music  1.
For today's music lesson, we will take a listen to an interview with world-renowned composer John Willams. Williams has composed music for many popular movies including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, E.T, Jaws, and many more! Williams also wrote the Olympics theme! On top of all his other accolades, John Williams has won more Oscars than any other living person.
Today's music lesson is a Ted Talk featuring Oystein Baadsvik who explains how he started out playing tuba in the 6th grade band and continued on to make it his career! 
Stomp is a percussion ensemble, but don't let that fool you! Their instruments are made from the objects they have around them, proving you don't always need an instrument to create music.
"How to Truly Listen" is a Ted Talk from Evelyn Glennie. She is a percussionist with incredible talent who just so happens to be deaf. In this video, she discusses her struggles and triumphs along the way to becoming a professional musician.
"In the Key of Genius" is a Ted Talk with Derek Paravicini and his teacher Adam Ockelford. Paravicini is a person of special needs whose story can truly be an inspiration to us all.
An interactive game where you can guess the musical instrument by a sound clip!

Students can create simple electronic melodies using the program linked above. Experiment with different instruments and sounds to make your own music. Enjoy!

Music Memory game. Players can test their ear training skills as they progress to more difficult levels. Compete against family members for the title of the best listener!

Here students can enroll in free online piano and guitars lessons to some of their favorite songs with opportunities to sing along. Simply click the link above and enjoy!

My ON Reader by Renaissance - free access; Login with School Name:  Get Georgia Reading, username: gilmercounty, password, read

Title: Reading -Theme and Inference (7 min.)

See my story: Can you find your teacher reading?
Interactive "Lighbox" titles with video clips, audio, map, quizzes, and activities