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life narrative


Most biographical research will cover information that includes: childhood, family life, education, accomplishments, problems or obstacles, end of life (if that has occurred), impact the person has had and/or an overview of what makes the person significant.

Biography books are located in the Media Center in the "B" section under the persons last name or 920. for a collection/group of people. We also have a vertical file collection (more information!) of Georgians if you happen to be researching a famous person from Georgia.

Online sources

World Book Online - digital version of the World Book Encyclopedia

GALILEO - Georgia's virtual library (books, videos, articles, etc.) - Check these databases: Explora, Literary Reference Center and Middle School Plus

Britannica Middle School

Encyclopedia Britannica

Civil Rights Digital Library athletes

Fact Monster

Harcourt School Biographies

Presidents (White House)

New Georgia Encyclopedia

Biography Channel -

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