Indians in Georgia Pathfinder

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Andrew Jackson - magazine article from the Smithsonian

Elizure Butler - National Park Service - Online Ga Almanac Image from Ga Digital Archives of a statement from Dr. Butler,2830494 newspaper article (Cedartown Standard, 8/28/1990) Image of Dr. Butler from UT Digital Collection

Cherokee Indians - The Cherokee Nation - Georgia Encyclopedia - Department of Interior - Access Geneology, languages, clans, history - About North Georgia - Ga Tribe of Eastern Cherokees - Blue Ridge national Heritage - Cherokee, NC national Park Service - NC Museum of History

Chief Vann House

Creek War - Britannica Encyclopedia - Encyclopedia of Alabama - National Park Service - The New Georgia Encyclopedia

Day to Day Life (also check the general Cherokee sites) Daily Life of Native Americans (Google book)

Fort Mountain Digital Library of Georgia

John Ross - Letter from John Ross - New Georgia Encyclopedia

Mission Work

Mississippian Indians

Indian Mounds

New Echota - GA Department of Natural Resources - Letter from John Ross

Removal - New Georgia Encyclopedia - PBS - Remarks made to the Senate - Remarks made to the Senate - Indian Removal Act of 1830 - letter from George Washington to the Senate from the Library of Congress collection

Seminoles - Seminole Tribe of Florida website

Syllabry & Language - BrainPop session about Cherokee language

William Holland Thomas

Tomochichi - National Park Service - Today in GA History - request for Congress to rename the court house in Savannah, GA - GA Historical Society

Trail of Tears - includes texts and videos - PBS - National Park Service - National Park Service - US - Cherokee Musuem _ BrainPop session - NC Office of State Archaeology - Britannica encyclopedia entry - American Life, several videos on retracing the steps of the Trail of Tears - Americas Story from the Library of Congress PBS video reenactment of the Trail - 7 minute video from Georgia Stories - US National Library Native Voices

Treaty of Indian Springs Encyclopedia of Alabama Oklahoma State Digital Library About North Georgia New Georgia Encyclopedia

Treaty Signers (John Ridge, Major Rodge and Elias Boudinot) - Major Ridge from New Georgia Encyclopedia - Elias Boudinot from New Georgia Encyclopedia

Westo Indians - Peach State Archaeology Encyclopedia Virgina

Westo Indians Slave Traders of the Colonial South book - ebook is in pdf on GALILEO

Women - NC Digital History

Samuel Worchester Cherokee Nation About North Georgia Boston University

Woodland Indians

Yamacraw Indians - New Georgia Encyclopedia - GA Info - Digital Library of GA - Today in GA History - GA Historical Society