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Next week is Spring Break. No school work will be issued. Enjoy this time with your family. Read a book. Take a nature walk. Be creative. Relax.

School will still be in session after Spring Break!! Participation will be crucial to ensure that students don't get behind. Students should be spending about 2 hours each day on their school work.

Beginning April 13, all work will be pushed out by each individual content teacher using Google Classroom. Students will need to get online each day, complete daily assignments, and submit their work to their teachers. If they have questions, their teachers are only an email away. Teachers will also be setting up Google Hangouts each week so students can have an opportunity to interact with their teachers and their classmates. This will also be a great time to ask questions if students are unclear about assignments. Students should be checking their email daily and communicating with their teachers.

Packets will only be available for students that do not have internet access at CCMS, EES, CCES, MVE and the two feeding sites at Tower Road and Mulberry Apts the morning of April 13. Phone calls will be made by each content teacher weekly to check on students without internet to allow for questions.

Students can return all packets either by scanning/taking pics and emailing to their teachers, uploading/submitting to google classroom, or placing in a return bin that will be on the buses and at CCMS (after Spring Break). If your child is unsure of the best method, have them email their teachers for guidance.

Remember, we are here for you and will support you in every way we possibly can. Reach out! As we embrace this new way of educating, let's continue to work together to ensure that our students don't fall behind and continue to thrive despite the obstacles.


In his press conference this afternoon, Governor Brian Kemp announced that Georgia's K-12 public schools will remain closed for in-person instruction for the remainder of the school year. Essential functions (including school meals and distance learning) can continue.

We appreciate the teachers and parents who have worked so hard throughout this transition. This extended period of distance learning is brand-new for our state and our nation, but Georgia's students are in good hands as we work together to keep them safe and keep them learning.



Parents, it is very important that your student is checking his/her school email daily and corresponding with teachers. Students should be working daily on the USA test prep packet that was assigned this week. If the student has internet capability, it is better if they complete the assignment online so that the teacher can provide immediate feedback. Beginning the week after Spring Break, all assignments will be pushed out by each content teacher through Google Classroom. Don't worry parents, the students are use to using this platform daily at CCMS. This will again allow teachers to monitor the work and provide descriptive and immediate feedback. Paper packets will be available but should only be picked up by those without internet capabilities. More information will be coming regarding this. Again, please be patient as we tackle the best way to educate your student during these trying times. Wishing all of you good health and well-being!

Due to the top priority of feeding our students, we will not be able to deliver digital learning packets on buses as we had originally planned. On Monday, the digital learning packet for the week of March 30-April 3 will be available in multiple ways:

1. Through chromebooks using Google Classroom under CCMS Digital Learning Days (for those that have access to wifi or a hotspot).
2. Paper copies at the 4 feeding sites: Methodist Church, Tower Rd., Mulberry Apts. and Civic Center
3. Paper copies in tubs outside the buildings of CCMS, EES, MVE and CCES.

Students can send their work to their teachers through email or google classroom. They can also wait until we return to school to turn the work in.

We look forward to being with our students again. Until then, please be patient as we discover best, new ways to connect with your child.

Gilmer County School Nutrition program will be delivering lunches and snacks to all children in the county via established bus routes beginning at 11 a.m.
Meals and snacks free to all children 18 and under.
We love our children!

Chromebook information
Chromebook Battery Health - It's important not to let the Chromebook battery get down below 15% before plugging it in to recharge. Letting the battery drain completely to the point of shutdown is harmful to the battery. Furthermore, when the battery is completely drained, the Chromebook usually will not power back up, and will have to be brought into the school for an exchange.

6th Grade Parents
Six Flags has extended their deadline for their Read to Succeed program.  Register now:
Use code DQYP5
Deadline is April 17, 2020
Open for K-6 graders

Hello CCMS family!

Students, continue to work on the digital learning packet that was provided to you on Friday, March 13. Your goal should be to have the packet completed by Friday, March 27. Anything else that you have received is for extra practice. You will be getting a new digital learning packet to work on Monday, March 30. Don't worry, you will receive it in your digital learning days in google classroom or a paper copy will be delivered with meals. Know that we miss you and are here if you need anything. Your teachers are just an email away. Stay safe!!


You can view your student's report card grades for last nine weeks through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal. We are unable to provide paper copies at this time.


Your student should continue to work on the Digital Learning packet that was downloaded on his/her chromebook on Friday that does not require internet/wifi access. Please have your student reach out to his/her teacher through email or google classroom if they have any questions along the way. We are here to support you, and we will get through this together.

ETC is offering free WI-FI locations around the county for students who may need access. Parents can park next to the facilities so students can connect to download work and check email.

Students, focus on spending 30 minutes a day for each of the content areas outlined in your digital learning packet. If you have questions, please reach out to your teachers through email. They are ready to assist you. Most importantly, stay safe and take care of yourself and your family.

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