Instructional Technology - Teacher Information

Google Drive Add-Ons & Chrome Extensions

EasyBib Bibliography Creator - properly cites resources and formats a bibliography in APA, MLA, or Chicago style.

g(Math) - allows you to insert graphs and equations into your Google Documents

JoeZoo Express - enables you to give feedback on Google Docs by highlighting & has a menu of options but doesn't limit teacher to those options (you can create your own phrases)

Flubaroo - Google Sheets add-on, allows teacher to grade all at once a Google Form & emails students

Form Limiter - Google Form add on, allows you to set a time for a form to automatically stop accepting responses or to stop with a set number of responses

Form Notifications - Google Form add-on, allows you to trigger emails to be sent when submissions are made through one of your forms

Choice Eliminator - Google Form add-on, lets you create a form on which choices disappear after they have been used Audio/Video

Adobe Spark - - make a post, web page or video; chromebook compatible, sign up with Google (school) email

Downloading YouTube videos - - select the video and type ss after the www. in the URL. This takes you to another site that will provide different download options & you will be able to save your video to a location you determine.

View Pure - View youtube without ads or comments

Vacaroo - enables recording with a microphone, not ipad compatible, recordings deleted after 14 days, QR codes provided, records up to 15 min.

Stupeflix - create a video montage, only has 1 soundtrack but you can upload audio clips of your own, no sign in required

Muvee Cloud - collaborative photo album

Masher - - create video with photos, music, texts and special effects. Requires login/email.

TED - TED Talk videos on various topics

Clarisketch - - take a picture, record your narration, and draw on picture to explain

Savefromnet - allows you to easily save a youtube video for later viewing. Go to Youtube. Find the video you want to save. Immediately after the www. enter ss (then enter) which takes you to the savefromnet site. There you can select the format and save the video. Typically saves in your download location.

Kaizena - - allows you to record comments on a Google Drive document or presentation

SoundTrap - compatible with ipads when using Chrome, 5 recordings stored in free plan, registration is required

AudioBoom - compatible with ipads, registration required, limited to 10 minutes, QR codes provided

TwistedWave - compatible with ipads, registration required

Soundcloud - - can add notes throughout audio recording


Author Pronounciation Guide - audio of many authors pronouncing their own names

Bookseer - generates book recommendations based on your last book read if you enter the title and author

Your Next Read - generates book recommendation, shows book covers

Book Browse - assists with searching for book ideas

Thought Audio - classic titles of audio books bu chapter

Books Should Be Free - audio books of public domain titles

Story Jumper - publish your own story (login requires bday, name, password, email)

BookCrossing - database with books readers have set free (left in different locations) with a label and identifying information. Readers can log on and track where a book is (if other readers have logged on with label information).


Padlet - online "post-its", site used to be called wallwisher

Wise Mapping - online mind mapping

Slate box - visual mind mapping (beta)


Witty Comics -

Strip Generator - no registration required but you can create an account in order to save

Write Comics -

Make Beliefs Comix - available in many languages,

Chogger Classroom Comics -

Game Templates - files attached at bottom of this page

Jeopardy type -


Photos for Class - safe, Creative Commons, automatically cited photo database

Pixabay - - free images

Be Funky - photo editor

NY Public Library public domain collection -

News/Current Events

Newsela - - updated daily, articles given on 5 reading levels, content areas include Science, Money, Law, Art, & Health

Scholastic News for your Classroom -

GoGoNews -

Teaching Kids News -

Youngzine -

CNN Student News -

BBC Day in Pictures -


Blubbr - based on youtube video clips; you select topic are given video choices that you can edit in length; multiple choice questions for video clips

Zoho Survey - - has 21 response formats

Quizdini - you can create explanations to missed questions with text or links

Image Quiz (beta) questions are associated with any image such as a map

Socrative - acts like classroom "clickers", compatible with i-products, android and most computers

InfuseLearning - acts like classroom "clickers"

Google Forms - creator is able to use multiple choice, true/false and open response questions

Immediate feedback without "clickers" - app that allows teacher to get immediate feedback from students, give students a QR code on a piece of paper, they hold up response that has a different answer depending on direction of QR code and the teachers phone/app reads responses.

GoSoapBox - instant feedback with phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Has a "confusion meter" with responses "I get it or no, I don't get it. Students can submit questions.


Interview Questions - great source for questions

Rewordify - - website simplifies English texts, copy & paste reading passages, difficult or confusing words are highlighted and replaced to aid with reading comprehension.

Speak It - This is a chrome app that can be installed to provide text-to-speech for websites.

Booktrack - add background music to your writing/reading - creates a word cloud

Tagul - word cloud generator that allows hyperlinking words to sites

Tagxedo - word cloud generator with ability to shape the cloud

Wordle - word cloud generator with custom color, shape and fonts

WordTalk - test-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word

Mapwing - create a virtual tour using your pictures and allows pinpoints for information (map locations, parts of a paper, parts in a book, etc.) requires email

Trading Card Generator - requires flash so not compatible with ipads

Text Messages - - create text messages between historical figures, etc. No sign in required, allows you to save the screen shot of messages.

Trading Card Generator -


Mix - allows you to turn PowerPoints into interactive lessons, insert quizzes, add audio, insert videos (requires email account, Office 2013)

Prezi - saves in cloud, ipad compatible, zooms in/out, can import images/videos

QuikSlides - easy, slide presentation that will adjust size according to amount of text placed on slide. Limited editing ability with background

Haiku Deck - ipad or web, simplified presentations, philosophy of telling story with fewer words and more pictures

Narrable - using images and narration, sign in requires email

Infographics - templates or blank canvas to create infographics, can save as a pdf or jpg, requires login

Clarisketch - - take a picture, record your narration, and draw on picture to explain

PresoTV - - you can upload a slide presentation to preso and then have it broadcast to individual computers/devices in the room.

Primary Sources - Sites for finding primary sources

Digital Library of Georgia -

Civil Rights Digital Library -

Georgia Historical Society -

Georgia Historical Image Catalog -

Georgia's Virtual Vault -

University of Georgia Libraries/Primary Sources Search Guide -

Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript -

Walter J. Brown Media Archives -

Georgia State University Special Collections -

Emory University Archives & Rare Book Library -

Atlanta History Center - (requires teacher login)

Library of Congress -

Teacher's Page -

American Memory -

Maps -

Prints & Photographs -

Veteran's History -

Historic Newspaper Archive -

National Archives -

Teacher's Page -

DocsTeach -

Digital Vaults -


Smithsonian -

National Parks -

World Digital Library -

Poetry - Archive of Recorded Poetry -

NY Public Library digital collection - - record and share stories (also see "other" heading for link to great questions)


iCyte - requires school email, highlight and save sections of webpages; also allows collaboration

Diigo - highlights, sticky notes, collaborate and share

WebNotes - free versions allows organizing, highlighting and share notes via email or twitter

Scrible (beta) - multi-color highlighting, annotating and bookmark websites

Search Engines

Sweet Search - school safe search engine, all sites reviewed by librarians, educators, etc.

DK Find Out! - free online encyclopedia in beta

Choosito! - search engine with reading levels (early, emerging, fluent, & advanced). Additional features for a fee.


Time Toast - does require sign up with email & password, free account will have ads

Timeglider - signup students are limited to 3 timelines in the free option

TimeLine - flash is required, can arrange by date or event

myHistro - also allows you to geolocate with Google maps, there is an app available, does require a sign in


Scriffon - online writing platform, cannot edit layout but can edit writing, gives you the URL

Hemingway App - color codes (highlights) writing to help with common errors

BoomWriter - allows you to assign group/individual writing assignments & give feedback