Instructional Technology - Teacher Information


Author Pronounciation Guide - audio of many authors pronouncing their own names

Bookseer - generates book recommendations based on your last book read if you enter the title and author

Your Next Read - generates book recommendation, shows book covers

Book Browse - assists with searching for book ideas

Thought Audio - classic titles of audio books bu chapter

Books Should Be Free - audio books of public domain titles

Story Jumper - publish your own story (login requires bday, name, password, email)

BookCrossing - database with books readers have set free (left in different locations) with a label and identifying information. Readers can log on and track where a book is (if other readers have logged on with label information).


Padlet - online "post-its", site used to be called wallwisher

Wise Mapping - online mind mapping

Slate box - visual mind mapping (beta)


Witty Comics -

Strip Generator - no registration required but you can create an account in order to save

Write Comics -

Make Beliefs Comix - available in many languages,

Game Templates - files attached at bottom of this page

Jeopardy type -


Photos for Class - safe, Creative Commons, automatically cited photo database

Pixabay - - free images

Be Funky - photo editor

NY Public Library public domain collection -

News/Current Events

Newsela - - updated daily, articles given on 5 reading levels, content areas include Science, Money, Law, Art, & Health

Scholastic News for your Classroom -

Teaching Kids News -

Youngzine -

CNN Student News - 

BBC Day in Pictures -


Zoho Survey - - has 21 response formats

Quizdini - you can create explanations to missed questions with text or links

Image Quiz (beta) questions are associated with any image such as a map

Socrative - acts like classroom "clickers", compatible with i-products, android and most computers

Immediate feedback without "clickers" - app that allows teacher to get immediate feedback from students, give students a QR code on a piece of paper, they hold up response that has a different answer depending on direction of QR code and the teachers phone/app reads responses.

GoSoapBox - instant feedback with phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Has a "confusion meter" with responses "I get it or no, I don't get it. Students can submit questions.


Rewordify - - website simplifies English texts, copy & paste reading passages, difficult or confusing words are highlighted and replaced to aid with reading comprehension.

Booktrack - add background music to your writing/reading - creates a word cloud

Tagul - word cloud generator that allows hyperlinking words to sites

Tagxedo - word cloud generator with ability to shape the cloud

Wordle - word cloud generator with custom color, shape and fonts

WordTalk - test-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word

Mapwing - create a virtual tour using your pictures and allows pinpoints for information (map locations, parts of a paper, parts in a book, etc.) requires email

Text Messages - - create text messages between historical figures, etc. No sign in required, allows you to save the screen shot of messages.

Trading Card Generator -


Prezi - saves in cloud, ipad compatible, zooms in/out, can import images/videos

QuikSlides - easy, slide presentation that will adjust size according to amount of text placed on slide. Limited editing ability with background

Haiku Deck - ipad or web, simplified presentations, philosophy of telling story with fewer words and more pictures

Infographics - templates or blank canvas to create infographics, can save as a pdf or jpg, requires login

Clarisketch - - take a picture, record your narration, and draw on picture to explain

Primary Sources - Sites for finding primary sources

Digital Library of Georgia -

Civil Rights Digital Library -

Georgia Historical Society -

Georgia Historical Image Catalog -

Georgia's Virtual Vault -

University of Georgia Libraries/Primary Sources Search Guide -

Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript -

Walter J. Brown Media Archives -

Emory University Archives & Rare Book Library -

Atlanta History Center - (requires teacher login)

Library of Congress -

Teacher's Page -

American Memory -

Maps -

Prints & Photographs -

Veteran's History -

Historic Newspaper Archive -

National Archives -

Teacher's Page -

DocsTeach -

Digital Vaults -


Smithsonian -

National Parks -

World Digital Library -

Poetry - Archive of Recorded Poetry -

NY Public Library digital collection -


Diigo - highlights, sticky notes, collaborate and share

Scrible (beta) - multi-color highlighting, annotating and bookmark websites

Search Engines

Sweet Search - school safe search engine, all sites reviewed by librarians, educators, etc.

DK Find Out! - free online encyclopedia in beta

Choosito! - search engine with reading levels (early, emerging, fluent, & advanced). Additional features for a fee.


Time Toast - does require sign up with email & password, free account will have ads

Timeglider - signup students are limited to 3 timelines in the free option

myHistro - also allows you to geolocate with Google maps, there is an app available, does require a sign in


Hemingway App - color codes (highlights) writing to help with common errors

BoomWriter - allows you to assign group/individual writing assignments & give feedback