Grading Policy

CCMS Expectations:

All students are expected to adhere to the 3 following school wide expectations that are outlined in our PBIS program:


Be Responsible             Be Respectful         Be Engaged



The standards for academic courses can be found at the Georgia Department of Education website.  For a more in depth look at the standards please go to You can also request a copy from your student's teacher.


Summative Assessments

A minimum of 4 summative assessments will be given throughout each 9 weeks (tests, projects, essays, etc.).  It is important that the student adequately prepares for each test by studying and participating in the review we do in class the day before the exam.  Reviewing the class work and notes for the unit and studying the vocabulary for the unit will also help.  If a student is unclear about the material, they should ask questions before the exam is given.


Formative Assessments

A minimum of 9 formative assessments will be given throughout each 9 weeks (daily assignments, homework, quizzes, etc).  It is important that the student participate daily in formative assessments in order for progress to be adequately assessed.


Vocabulary Tests

In order for the student to be successful, an understanding of the vocabulary is vital.  Because of this, students will be taking  vocabulary tests.  



Students are expected to turn in all assignments on the date they are due. Students are also expected to participate in class discussions, projects, and labs. Students may have an occasional assignment or project to be completed at home that may include the use of their assigned school Chromebook.  The student is expected to turn these assignments and projects in on the assigned due date. 



Make-Up Work

The same number of days will be allowed for make-up work that has been missed by the student.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all make-up work by checking the assignment folder for the missed assignments.   


Grading Scale                                                                     Grading Policy

A = 90-100                                                                           Grades will be computed as follows:

B = 80-89                                                                              All Quarters                                         

C = 70-79                                                                              60% - Summative

F = 69 or below                                                                    40% - Formative


Digital Learning Expectations:

All students at CCMS will be issued a school chromebook to complete online assignments.  In the event of inclement weather or unexpected school closures, assignments will be provided through Google Classrooms.  Community hotspots are available for students that do not have wifi access. 


Infinite Campus Access:

It is very important that all parents and students check Infinite Campus regularly to view attendance and grades in real time.   Infinite Campus is accessible via Gilmer Schools website or you can download the app.  Directions for setup are also available on the county website.