Dress Code



The purpose of a dress code is to promote an orderly learning environment in our school while preparing all students for later success in the world of work. Students of Clear Creek Middle School are expected to dress in a manner that is conducive to a positive learning environment. The CCMS School Governance Team has established and published a dress code applicable to the school. 

In addition to the requirements established by the local school, prohibited dress shall include any attire that depicts, promotes, or advertises gang affiliation, illegal activity, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco, sexual references, offensive words or designs, and other clothing which is disruptive to CCMS learning environment. 

The CCMS administration reserves the right to determine if items of clothing are too casual, too revealing or too distracting for school dress. Additionally, the administration reserves the right to prohibit an item of clothing if that clothing creates a potential safety or injury risk to the individual student or others; or, if the item of clothing creates a reasonable disruption to school environment. 

  • No skin showing above the mid-thigh area (applies to dress and shorts length) 
  • No holes in clothing showing skin above the mid-thigh area
  • No sleeveless shirts, blouses, without appropriate (tight-fitting) armholes 
  • No deep-scooped necklines that expose the chest 
  • Clothing that shows the bare midriff, bare back or the bare shoulders (straps at least 2 inches wide) 
  • No pajamas, bedroom shoes, or other sleepwear 
  • Articles of clothing which advertise or display the symbols of drugs, tobacco products or alcoholic  
  • Clothing which displays or implies profane or obscene language or symbols  
  • Emblems, insignias, badges, tattoos or other symbols where the effect thereof is to unreasonably attract the attention of other students or cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school 
  • Hats and caps are allowed. However, it is up to the teacher to allow these articles of clothing inside the classroom  
  • No hoods pulled over the head 
  • Chains hanging from wallets or clothing 
  • Exposure of undergarments (underwear) of any type 
  • Display or wearing of any gang articles, paraphernalia or clothing that can be construed as being gang related. 
  • Uniforms for school related activities are acceptable as approved by the school administration. Female cheerleaders must wear warm-ups over cheerleading uniforms except during games and pep rallies.  
  • The school administration reserves the right to alter the dress code for special occasions 
  • Parents who require an exemption from the dress code for religious, cultural, or short-term medical reasons may make application to the principal