Academic Goals


Standards, as designed and approved by the Georgia State Department of Education, drive our daily instruction. We offer a variety of course work in the core content areas of Math, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. We expect our students to be active participants in their learning and complacency is not acceptable. CCMS will provide students performance tasks that will require critical thinking, cooperative/social interaction, time for reflection, and an opportunity to demonstrate mastery.


Clear Creek Middle School Faculty will utilize a wide variety of instructional practices. Students will work independently, cooperatively in small groups, and as integrated large groups. Through differentiated instruction, we strive to use best teaching practices to create opportunities that respond to the needs of diverse learners and solidify foundations essential to better complete career pathways.


It is our belief that students should demonstrate their mastery of learning through a variety of assessments. Students will work on Teacher created classroom-based assessments, departmental benchmarks, project-based demonstrations, and state mandated assessments. The data collected through both formative (Daily/Unit based instruction), and summative assessment will be monitored closely to facilitate the acceleration and remediation process.

Our Mission

We exist to help every student achieve the high levels of learning required for success in high school and beyond.


Every Child. Every Opportunity. Every Day.

Our VisionWe strive to provide an inviting climate for students to learn the academic, behavior, and social/emotional skills required to be successful.


From our Family-School Engagement Compact 

Academic Goals