Clear Creek Middle School – Chromebook 1:1

Clear Creek Middle School – Chromebook 1:1
Posted on 08/04/2023
Chromebooks for the classroom

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce that Clear Creek Middle School will be allowing students to checkout Chromebooks for use at school and home.  

What makes a Chromebooks such a great classroom tech tool

  • Students will have a device that allows them to access unlimited data storage and productivity apps
  • The simplified Chromebook hardware and operating system translates to better performance and less management and upkeep
  • Going Green! Less paper as students complete and submit work online
  • Prepares students for jobs in a STEM oriented society
  • Technology when they need it, not when a lab is open
  • Connects students to knowledge beyond the textbook and the four classroom walls
  • Students and teachers are learning to create and collaborate in a technically advanced society

If you would like your student to participate in the Chromebook 1:1 initiative, there will be a Home Use Agreement that will be available to you in the near future. This agreement will outline student and parent expectations and explain the requirements for checking out the Chromebooks. This agreement must be signed by the student and parent or guardian.  

You will be receiving a link to complete the Chromebook Home Use Agreement online.  Paper copies of the agreement will be available for parents upon request. 

We are excited to offer this wonderful opportunity for our students.


Sarah West
Principal, Clear Creek Middle School